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Welcome to Galveston Music Scene

Welcome to Galveston Music Scene

Welcome to Galveston Music Scene Welcome to Galveston Music Scene Welcome to Galveston Music Scene

Ocean Roots Band

Ocean Roots Band


 Remember that ORB is light! Morgan Smith, lead singer, songwriter of Ocean Roots Band (ORB) and Skylar Smith, bassist of Ocean Roots are sending out the love again bringing you the tunes you're going to love. Coming to you straight from the balmy third coast of Texas, and Austin, the capital of Texas music. Their second album, The Burning Ground is finished and the evolution of their music will have you feeling connected and satisfied on a deep heart level. Texas music at its best for these two watermen, musicians who have picked up their instruments and released the currents of their music to flow once again…  

 The sea relents little as it sculpts the shoreline but it has sent its comforting rhythms to that place where we were learning about silence and source, a place where healing of broken spirits can occur. We have heard those uni-versal rhythmic notes. We spent some quiet time between the spaces, listening between the lines, and we have captured those vibratory subtleties and put them into song. 

Those fans familiar with our band ORB know that we dropped out of sight for a while. We took some time to come to terms with deeply experienced loss and grief of losing close family and friends, including our late band brother, shaman and Cubano drummer of ten year Gerri Zaragemca. 

We arrived in Austin, which is now our home, quite a few years back to attend school. We took the time off we needed for school, working, traveling, and adulting to get back to our source, to experience life. Eventually, we realized something important, that the music does not die if it is in you. We sure did not want to die with the music still in us, so we had an awakening, a remembering. 

Time does heal wounds. We listened and waited, embracing the silence. We did a lot of soul searching, communing with nature, getting back to our source, to a place of spirit, to a place you can’t divide, a place between the bars of music where healing music persists and waits to be returned to the people. We almost quit music. Through it all, we kept writing and singing together, quietly late at night when no-one was watching or listening. During our long road back to healing we wrote anthems and we feel they are epic! 

To the songs of the siren’s lore we traversed our beloved country, coast to coast, like that iconic Forest Gump running scene and we listened. From lofty mountains climbed in Switzerland, craggy escarpments of our American Southwest and our beloved Texas, we listened. Lead singer, Captain Morgan Smith visited the worlds down under in Australia on a 42 foot sailboat hired on as the Captain on a delivery, sailing from Corpus Christie, Texas to the farthest point south of all cities, Hobart, Tasmania, a coming of age sail! 

We feel we have definitely come of age! Through it all as brothers, twins, we are tight. The music, it bubbled up like the true north, and we could not escape its magnetism. We recognized the calling of the music could not be subverted. It was then that we pounced on the baseline beat and catapulted ourselves feeling, relaxed and sure into the Austin Signal recording studio to record one kick ass album, we call The Burning Ground 

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