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"Extraordinary showmen were everywhere on the 1960s soul scene. Texas boasted more than its share. But Roy Head stood out from the pack no matter where he performed — and not just because he happened to be of the Caucasian persuasion. The blue-eyed Lone Star soul screamer tore up audiences of all colors with his outrageous gymnastics.

From the first horn blasts of his blistering 1965 smash “Treat Her Right,” Head’s feet flew like he was slipping on ice. Then he’d drop down into the splits. A few bars later, Roy would twist backwards like a human pretzel, balancing nearly on his cranium as his lithe body contorted in a sort of bizarre yoga maneuver that defied all notions of what the human physique is capable of. Especially while simultaneously singing.

 Roy remains a master showman. “Still having a good time. Still doin’ flips and splits, still got all my hair, and I’m not potbellied,” reported the longtime performer. 

(writtem by Mr.Bill Dahl of The Ponderrosa Stomp Blog )

 In the early to mid '60s, Roy Head headlined often at Galveston's Famous Bamboo Hut and Grass Menagerie Clubs which were located on the sand of East Beach. These clubs were filled with bikini-clad  young ladys and the young  gents there to meet them.

Roy Head will perform and "Kick Off the Galveston Summer" season when he takes the stage Thursday June 4th at Maceo Spice & Imports, 6pm - 8:30pm located at 27th & Market. Also perfoming will be another Gulf Coast Legend Blues Artist Bert Wills.

The show is FREE FAMILY FUN.  Food & Beverages will be available at Maceo's and please Bring  Your Own Chair.

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