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David Stanowski

Galveston Music Scene  "Meet the new boss, the same as the old boss"   The idea of building a web site that would offer a comprehensive schedule of all the live music on Galveston Island began in 2003-2004. The Galveston Music Scene web site was launched on 29 July 2004, so it has now been up and running for almost 14 years providing a detailed live music schedule as well as other information of interest to musicians and music fans alike.  It has been a great pleasure to be intimately involved in the local music scene for all of these years, but my life has gone through many dramatic changes over the last 5+ years and it has become more and more difficult to devote the necessary time and energy just to publishing the music schedule each month, let alone attempting to cover local music issues in more depth.   About a year ago, I finally realized that I needed to try to find someone to take over Galveston Music Scene. My procrastination in beginning that search finally ended last month when I contacted my good friend, Robert "Bubba" Donovan, to see if he might have any suggestions. Bubba immediately said that he wanted it!

Robert "Bubba" Donovan

Robert aka "Bubba" Donovan spent 42 years in the Retail Musical Instrument Business and 30 years performing Live Music Professionally. As a guitar, piano and harmonica player, Bubba believes Music should be a big part of every one's life and the Galveston Music Scene website is a way to help bring folks to Live Music inthe Galveston Area. Bubba looks forward to conitinuing Galveston Music Scene.

"What a honor to take over the Galveston Music Scene website, that David Stanowsi started and professionally maintained for 14 years. David has not only been an asset to the Galveston Local Music Scene, he has aso been a great civic leader to Galveston Island! Again it is my honor to continue this site and a honor to know and enjoy a frienship with David'"

"Always support Local Live Music and the venues who support Live Music"





All the information on this web site has been obtained from sources that are believed to be reliable, however, it is advisable that visitors check with the venues listed to verify its accuracy!