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Ocean Roots

 Charlie Kramsky, the Grammy nominated engineer for Austin Signal arrived on the scene as the recording engineer. We feel lucky to have him as our engineer as he has recorded some of the finest musicians in the world including Paul McCartney, Tony Bennet, Elvis Costello, Bobby McFerrin, Lenny Kravitz, Roberta Flack, The Roots, Sugarland, Ray LaMontagne, and Wynton Marsalis. You will also hear the soft croons of Laura Jane, who sang with Joe Cocker, Aerosmith, and currently tours and performs with Enrique Iglesias as his backup singer adding her bluesy duet and backup vocals to the Ocean Roots songs called Burning Low and Last Time on the new album. The keyboardist, Sean Giddings, knocked the album out of the park with his command of the keyboard and church organ. He mentioned to our engineer that working with our music in the studio was almost a spiritual experience, while doing the recording. That made us feel good, real good. Skylar Smith put down his baseline rhythms and Morgan Smith added his vocals, guitar, banjo and harmonica talents. We have a new drummer named Andrew Gonzalez who is rock steady and he has added the percussion chops. James Sturrock, an early musical influence, plays the congas on the album. Brian Phillips laid down the pedal steel tracks, and Alfred Mandujano added some percussion. Finally, the maestro of mastering, Jerry Tubb of Terra Nova Studio in Austin, Texas, mastered the songs. We plan to release the music this Spring. 

So there you have it, after a hiatus of solitude that almost lasted forever….We have returned to the music! In a cave like, old school analog studio we call Doctor Z’s Lab, we quietly wrote and composed. We started to play gigs again, introducing the new sounds from our new album. We have been well received in Austin and Galveston alike, and it has been good to reconnect with fans who were patiently waiting for our return to the stage.  

 The silence of the uni-verse was our source for our new album. We are the Earth-man listening. Earth we have found, is by no means a cake walk, more of a fire-walk and indeed the Earth is literally burning, it is transforming. Our music on the second album, The Burning Ground complements the elements of our titled first album, Wind and Water. Our second album explores the two elements of Terra Fuego, earth and fire, the burning ground of experience…We have had trials by wind, by water, we have walked through the burning  coals and look here we stand, standing still…learning from the silence and the mayhem…. 

Source keeps sending us song after song. We have a hard time getting them all written down. The third album is in the works already and we plan to add that quintessential essence that will get your heart and mind to level up like a vortex. 

  Get back to your source, return to the music…come hear us and you will experience the healing song of my people. We are planning an Album Release Party, soon to be announced, where we would like to do a fiery fire-walk over burning hot coals, barefoot. We will all arrive, unscathed but schooled, because everything is going to be alright in due time….Ocean Roots Band asks you to take a sneak peak, listen to one of our songs on our social media sites. 

One loves as only the love is real. ORB is light, remember how to be here/hear inside the music with us. Here we go one we go all… 


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